Books Done, Still Loads of Paper

books-done_2876I tried very hard this year to push as much of my company records to digital files and NOT paper, but it seems to be almost impossible.  About half my business receipts are digital only this year, which is better than in past years.

I do the majority of my purchases for the business online, but the irony is that if I’m ordering physical goods (as opposed to software) these online order always arrive with a lot of paper, particularly if they come in from outside Canada.

So while my order receipt is saved as a PDF, the gear shows up with a paper receipt, packing list, and some kind of brokerage/customs form – all hard copy.  Even when the courier shows up at the door with his/her fancy wireless tracking device, they still end up giving me multiple paper copies.

I guess that’s why doing the year-end books is called “paper work”.