Fabulous Fun Fund Raiser

You never quite know who'll show up at your table - Gina Bastone's marvelous masks

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce held its annual Governors’ Gala and fund- raiser last night at the Pinnacle Hotel.

It was a sold-out event, and raised over 70-thousand dollars for North Vancouver’s Presentation House Theatre.

Despite the odd people at my table (see photo above) it was a great time, and so nice to see such support for Presentation House and its new artistic director Kim Selody.

MC  Vicki Gabereau  made a point of reminding everyone that along with giving generously, the most important way to support live theatre is to attend a performance.



While the Cat’s Away

I did remember to call my Mom back in Manitoba today before heading out into the sunshine.

It’s the first really warm weekend of spring here in the Lower Mainland, so I managed to convince EB to join me for a Mothers’ Day sail.

We had a pretty lively sail in the Southern Strait – the wind was just perfect for Madsu under 100% jib and full main.  We scooted along at 5.5 knots plus going to weather – and I actually had to get my sweater on – the wind off the water was a tiny bit cool.

But I had an motive for getting EB out of the house.  While were were gone, the boys fired up the Kitchen Aid to create an original masterpiece.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you cool cats.