What the Snowboard Sees

This is a still capture from video shot with a GoPro Hero2 mounted on the front deck of my board.

The video is jittery in anything but deep powder (when the camera is usually buried).  But I like the effect and am always surprised at the stills I can pull out of the footage.

We had a lovely morning on Cypress Mountain today – as you can see there was hardly anyone around all morning.

2 thoughts on “What the Snowboard Sees”

    1. Hi Emme,

      The GoPro comes with a bunch of stick on mounting brackets. I use them, but I also have a tether on the camera (it goes from the base of the camera case to my bindings) ’cause glue and cold don’t always cooperate. So far the bracket hasn’t come unglued (I have a few times) but I wouldn’t trust it entirely. I also use the camera on my sailboat, and also use a tether there.

      The camera is in a waterproof casing (like an underwater camera) so the snow and wet don’t cause any problems.

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