My Waterproof Sony eBook


We’re really fortunate to have a hot tub just steps outside our bedroom. It’s rare that I’m not in the tub, even for a few minutes, every night.

One thing I love to do is read in the hut tub – despite the steamy glasses. When I switched from paper to a Sony ebook reader, I ran into a bit of a problem.

Water and electronics don’t mix, and how could I possibly read in the hot tub without risking ruining the ebook?

EB had the perfect solution.  She reached into the 3rd kitchen drawer and pulled out a ziplock bag.

Problem solved.  I can still access all the ebook’s functions through the plastic, and it’s completely safe, even from a dunking.


2 thoughts on “My Waterproof Sony eBook”

  1. Does that work well? Even long term? I am seeking a solution to read my ebook in tub but am afraid of both heat and humidity.

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