Flickr Uploads Gone Wild

I wonder what’s going on with Flickr.

Up until a couple of days ago, it was pretty normal to see 4,000 to 5,000 photo uploads a minute, according to the Flickr  Most Recent Uploads page.  In the evenings, Pacific time, these numbers would be a little lower, usually between 2500-3500 per minute.

Last night, I noticed the numbers were in the 24,000 to 30,000 photos per minute range !

And today, they’re in the 45,000 photos per minute range.

Either there’s been some kind of massive (by a factor of 10) sudden increase in usage – or Flickr’s number is  now based on something completely different.

Anyone have any insights ?


Vivaldi Never Lived in BC

Even though I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland since 1987, I’ve just now figured out the seasons.

What was throwing me off is that they aren’t distinct, discreet seasons like elsewhere in the country.

They’re mellow, they over-lap, and there are some wildcards.

Today, in a moment of clarity like I’ve never had before, it all came to me.

The seasons here go like this:

  • Mostly Snowboarding
  • Mostly Gardening
  • Mostly Sailing

Oh, we also have a season called Hawaii.

To help keep it all clear, I’ve put together a little chart – click for a larger version – print it up and stick in on the bulletin board.


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