Generosity of Aeroplan

Aeroplan reminds of a Vegas casino. It’s Air Canada’s rewards program, and the no matter whether you’re high roller or a low roller, odds are Aeroplan comes out on top.

Over the last few years, they’ve crawled back the number of miles you earn, while at the same time, increasing the number of miles required to fly. Plus, they make using reward miles a real pain. Just try to book a non-stop flight in Canada on reward miles. Almost impossible.

My parter EB is still ticked at them for having to forfeit what few miles she had in last spring’s “use em or lose em” promotion. She was in a classic Aeroplan Catch 22. She hardly flies any more but still had 750 reward miles sitting in her account.

There is absolutely NOTHING you can buy with that few miles. She tried to trade them at but they wouldn’t even compute that few miles. When she tried to use Aeroplan’s ‘donate your miles to charities’ function, she discovered that there was a minimum threshold of 1000 miles. Even giving her miles to me was problematic because Aeroplan charges a fee to do that. Ouch. She ended up forfeiting the miles because there was essentially no way for her to redeem them.

Annoying to say the least.

So, a few days ago, I got an email from Aeroplan offering me FREE miles for filling out a survey. What were they offering ? 100 miles.

Well, lets see if we can establish the value on those 100 miles.

On their rewards chart, I can get a Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro for 9500 miles.

That unit sells at Future Shop today for 69.99. But wait, there’s a 30.00 dollar rebate offer, so it’s only worth 39.99.

9500 miles = $39.99 today.

That means 1 Aeroplan mile is worth about $0.0042

That generous offer of 100 miles to do a survey ?

About 42 cents. Gee, thanks Aeroplan.


New Corporate Term – Blog Washing

I think I’ve just invented a new ever-so-web-2-dot-oh term.

It came to me after reading this story on Om Malik’s blog:

In the pre-blog world, when you left a company, they would escort you out of the building. Now they zap your blog. There are rumors that Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior had resigned and was leaving the beleaguered mobile phone maker. Well, those rumors must be true. Suddenly all the entires on her popular blog have been zapped. And if you try and go there, you get redirected to a generic Motorola page.

I figure this is going to be a fairly common situation, and it needs a name. I think this is perfect:

blog washing

Works eh?

How Do You Spell Respect

From CBC news via

Citing a lack of respect in the workplace and low salaries, the employees at three Prince Edward Island radio stations have become unionized.

On-air personalities and office staff at Magic 93, CFCY and Spud FM were officially certified last week. They are now members of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union

Hmmmm. This is all fine and well, but I ask you –  if you work for a station called  Spud FM, just how much respect can you expect to get ?

More About Hats Than You Need To Know

Over on Facebook I set up a group called HatBook.

I’d noticed that a lot of my friends were wearing hats in their Facebook picture, so that was the inspiration for the group  – though inspiration is a much too large word for the action in question.

Regardless, I’ve been strip mining for articles about hats to post on the group, and am constantly surprised at what turns up.

If you’re interested, join us on HatBook in Facebook and enjoy the mindless-but-head-warming hat fun.