Leopard – not so much

Here’s my mini review. This is only after a few hours of use on the MacBook Pro and our household iMac .

1. eye candy, pure and simple. there isn’t ONE new function I really need, but it all look sweet.

2. slow baby, slow. one of the things I loved about my macbook vs. my sony vaio (PC) laptop was how fast the macbook boots. well my friend, leopard is a pig, at least on my machine, and I’ve got 4 gig of ram. maybe things will improve? but so far, my mac seems to be starting very window-esque. this might not be a big deal on a desktop machine, but in a laptop its critical. (There is a thread here about this – so I guess, just like with a windows box, I now have to start hacking my way through a NEW OS so that the machine runs properly. Hmmm, deja vu.)

3. is there a revert button on this thing?

If want you really want are a bunch of new effects in PhotoBooth, parental controls (probably easily side stepped), a different way to share machines and do backups (apple claims easier) and more things swooshing across the screen, then this is for you.

3 thoughts on “Leopard – not so much”

  1. There is no revert button. I’ve already gone looking for it, though not for Leopard.

    I just upgraded the intel firmware on nearly-new MacBook — as an on-screen prompt recommended out of the blue — and now tiger crashes several times a day. I zapped the PRAM and fixed permissions with the disk repair utility, and it’s still doing it. I don’t have DiskWarrior, so I’m going to have to #@$@#% pay someone who does to look at this now. The machine, barely a month out of the shrinkwrap, was working marvelously before my “upgrade.” Thanks, Mac.

  2. Tod. Very shiny. I feel like Homer Simpson when my partner asks me what’s in the new OS – ‘the folders stack and move when you click on them’.

    James – i’m telling you – they’re turning into PC’s . It’s amazing. Another Steve Jobs slight of hand, and everyone applauds !!!

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