Tonight's Meal – Indian with a Twist

EB’s out of town on a road trip and there seems to be a fair bit of debate about my eating habits while she’s gone.

It’s true I love to order from Veneto Pizza on Londsdale, Musashi in the West End for sushi, and I get a hankering for fish and chips from C-Lovers on Marine (their web site barely exists, sorry).

But heh, just because EB’s not in the kitchen doesn’t mean there can’t be some mean cookin’ goin’ on.

So, what better challenge than to be totally transparent and blog my evening meal for the next week or so. You know, let the sad truth hang out for all to see.

I nixed the idea of taking a picture of what I’m eating, I’ll leave that kind of thing to Roland.

Instead, I present . . . tonite’s meal . . . in 424 pixels or less . . .


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