Barter for Beer

Since we bought the sailboat I’ve been cruising Craigslist to pick up a few things – mostly extra PFD’s for guests and the odd bit gear.

It’s been my newest fun read – some of the ads are hilarious and some are downright brilliant.  Like this one in the barter section:

Date: 2007-06-14, 5:23PM PDT

I have 18 ice cold Molson Canadians that have been given to me because i gave them a dog crate. Now I’m a huge Canadian fan and i’m perfectly willing to sit down and drink them but my buddy(starting to wonder) wants to know what i can trade them for. So, any offers. Of course you must be of legal drinking age.

Once again, the power of the internet put to some good use.  I hope Molson guy posts an update to let us all know how he makes out.

Smooching Cats

Dragon (on the right) lives across the street, but with impeccable timing, finds his way here just as the food bowl is being filled.

Apparently Ozzie doesn’t mind a bit.


Now if we only got along this well with all our neighbours…

Small is the new Big

We’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Small is it.

Our new (to us) sailboat is small – just 22 feet. That means less to maintain, tiny little winches even the kids can manage, and fewer $ paid for moorage.

Consequently, our new tender is the smallest Zodiak made – the C200. It’s just 6 feet long and can be pulled out of a bag and inflated in less than 5 minutes flat. Tired of rowing ? We push it along with a 2 hp Honda outboard. The fuel tank is a whopping 1 litres.

And we get to the marina and back in our tiny but mighty Yaris – a five-passenger five-speed ball of fun that seems to never need gas.