Air Travel – 10 Bucks Goes a Long Way

I’m super impressed with WestJet. I wish they were paying me to say this, but they aren’t.


My two kids traveled on their own from Vancouver to Winnipeg to visit their cousins. They were treated like VIP’s on both legs, but you pretty much expect that (particularly since you’re paying extra for them to travel un-accompanied).

On the way back from Winnipeg, one of my guys left 10-dollars in cash in the seat pocket in front of him. He was pretty bummed hours after getting home when he remembered what he’d done.

Later that night, the phone rings, and it’s WestJet on the phone. They were calling to check to find out if we could identify the object left behind in the seat back pocket. Sure enough, they’d found the 10-dollar bill, and were calling to arrange to return it !

Unbelievably, their ads about pride of ownership seem to be true.

I’m now their biggest fan – way to go WestJet. Not only are you backing up your hype, you made a 12 year old very very happy.

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