Vancouver Gets the Zipcar

Just by chance, while checking out the T-Rex, I saw a hybrid Toyota “Zipcar” parked on Burrard Street near 2nd Avenue.

I’d never heard of them, but after a quick check online, it turns out, Zipcar has moved into town…

Beginning today [April 5th], Zipcar will place 100 vehicles in many locations throughout the Downtown, Kitsilano, Fairview, Commercial Drive and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods of Vancouver. Zipcars industry-leading selection of 11 makes and models of vehicles in Vancouver will range from standard sedans to small SUV’s and luxury vehicles.

I really like the sound of this service – you can do everything online and by using a wireless key system, you simply walk up to the car, flash your Zipcar card, and you’re on your way. From their web site:

Reserve one of our hundreds of cars – for a couple hours or the entire day. Do it online or use a phone. We’re easy. Walk to the car, then just hold your Zipcard to the windshield. The doors will unlock, and it’s all yours. Drive away… and return to the same reserved parking spot at the end of your reservation. It’s that simple. And remember, gas and insurance are included too.

We live on the North Shore, so it isn’t too likely we’ll be able to take advantage of Zipcar since all their cars are downtown, the West End, or Kits. And we can actually rent for cheaper than the Zipcar daily rates, but that’s only because we don’t have to pay the rental insurance rates (thanks to ICBC’s Roadstar service). But I think this will be a great option for a lot of people.

So Zipcar – welcome to Lotus Land.

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