Milestone Measurement Plan

big cbc hole in the ground 

Time has a way of slipping past me really quickly these days.

A notice in the mail from Fido this week about my cell plan jolted me into the realization that  3 years ago I left my job as head of CBC Radio 3 to work with Emma Payne as a partner in At Large Media.

Is this what happens ?  I’m measuring my life milestones by means of cell phone plan renewals now ?  

I guess it’s a good sign – the time has flown by – and  I couldn’t ask for a better business partner.  

As it happens (no pun intended), I was in the CBC Vancouver building this week for a meeting.  I discovered they’re digging a great big hole at the CBC these days, and I don’t mean that figuratively.

As fate would have it, the big hole is right outside where my office used to be (circled in the photo). 

Coincidence ?    I leave it for you to judge.    

And I still don’t know what to do about my phone plan renewal.

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