Verchere and the Janitor

cypress mountain

Sunrise Chair – Cypress Mountain – 14 Jan 07

I ran into Ian Verchere at Cypress Bowl today. Ian’s the Chief Creative Officer at ShiftControlMedia, a great guy, and great skier.

I know him from my stint at Radical Entertainment in 1998-99, back when the company was still on Homer Street in Yaletown.

Back then, for some reason, I wore my keys on a carabiner on my belt, and when I walked they’d jingle-jangle-jingle.

Because of where our team room was situation, I used to walk by Ian’s office about 20 times a day, keys jingling all the way. He was always really polite about it, but I’m pretty sure for the first while I worked there, he was convinced I was the new janitor.

Ian’s written a great book about the glory days of Whistler, VON1B0.

There’s a review, excerpts and loads of pictures in The Tyee. It’s really valuable having Ian’s insights into the little town, the people, and the psyche of the place before it turned into the world renowned destination it has become, and in the process completely changing what it was.

Grab it will it’s on sale, either at Amazonor Chapters.Indigo.

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