Five Things You Didn't Know

Five things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I have a fear of enclosed places. Mostly it’s tight constricted places, like the crawl space under my house. This just started about 10 years ago. I make up for it by enjoying things like jumping out of airplanes or riding a snowboard. I know it’s been done, but one day I’d like to jump out of an airplane on a snowboard.
  2. At one time I was the personal manager for a recording artist. I ended up paying for things like his over-due rent and flights to industry events. I made no money at all. We once did a cross-Canada tour where the band started out as a Jazz Trio and ended up as a Country Duo. My job was to keep the bar managers from firing the band, mostly because that would mean having to pay for drinks. Thankfully his career fizzled and he ended up playing guitar with a pretend version of a famous Canadian Rock Band from the 60’s and 70’s.
  3. Instead of a 20 year long career at CBC I was only supposed to work there for a few months in the summer while I waited to start Law School at the University of Manitoba. I opted to stay at work and gave my law school seat to one of the dozens of people on the waiting list. My friend Andre got me the job at CBC; despite 10 years of working in private radio no-one else at CBC thought I had the right skills to make it.
  4. I have a thing for red heads. This is due to my very first love, Bev Roy. She was my girlfriend at Lt. Col. Barker VC Junior High School (I kid you not) and taught me how to really kiss. Bev, along with her long and curly red hair, dumped me for my very best friend. It happened 35 years ago, so I’ve forgiven then both. Well, her anyway. EB, to whom I’ve been married for almost 17 years, is a red head. When I first met her and her long and curly red hair, it was love at first sight, though it took my five years to get her to marry me.
  5. I’ve almost drowned 3 different times. Once in the Straight of Georgia when I was in my 20’s. I was saved by the crew of a yacht I had fallen from. (oops). Once in a private pool in Peoria Illinois when I was 7, during a posh party my parent were attending. A large African-American man reached down and pulled me, spluttering, out of the water. And once when I was 3 in Northern Manitoba when I fell into a spring-water flooded rock-pit. I was pulled out by three Husky dogs who grabbed me by my snowsuit and dragged me to safety.

I’m tagging Monique on this one.

oops, too late.

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