Five Oh and No Regrets…almost

I didn’t get the car I asked for.

I did have Omakase served at the bar by ToJo himself. I’d gladly turn 50 over and over if I got to eat at ToJo’s each time, and there’s nothing quite like the ToJo line crew singing happy birthday to Robert-San at the top of their lungs.

I got a couple of great mocked-up magazine covers from two of our clients, Canada Wide Media and Raincoast Books. And some really nice pull quotes from Aron at Capers and Janis at VANOC, all part of a nifty framed poster Sara and Emma put together for me.I got to spend the day with the boys, ride a BC Ferry (think of it as everyman’s cruise line), make my famous omelette for Betty Barrett, visit the Sechelt drive-through and generally act nothing like my age.

Turning 50 was pretty much like every other birthday. Well, that’s not quite true. It was actually pretty low key this year – truth be told we went out to ToJo’s a week later.

I only have one regret. There was no 56 Chevy waiting for me in the driveway. 🙁