It Is an Offence To Possess Any Part of a Badger

The BBC is launching a whole series of new ‘reality’ type TV shows. Chef Jamie Oliver is hosting one that features roadkill…

The programme, created for BBC Three by Oliver’s Fresh One production company, aims to show that fresh fox, hedgehog and badger have a nutritional value that is greater than supermarket meats.

The show (surprise surprise) has set off a few alarm bell…

The RSPCA warned the producers to stay on the right side of the law. A spokeswoman said: “We have welfare concerns over roadkill food. Participants may have to prove that an animal was already dead when they found it. Badgers and deer are protected under the law and it is an offence to possess any part of a badger.”

full story on Road Kill Cafe and other new reality shows in the Times Online.

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