I See Naked People, Cat Taste Buds, Hooked on Granola

We finally got our hot tub fixed, ironically during a record-setting hot spell in Vancouver. Oh well. It’s a delight to look out the window and see naked people in the backyard again.

Our cat Ozzie is quite the hunter-gatherer. He’s been bringing home shrews in various states of, um, er, disection. When we mentioned this to Eileen’s mom, without missing a beat she replied that that he’ll probably stop soon because “shrews taste bad”. I’m not sure where this bit in information comes from, but apparently it has escaped Ozzie’s attention.

I’m hooked on The Granola King granola. One of our clients is Capers Community Markets and while in the store a month or so ago I picked up a bag. I’ve been mainlining it ever since. I can’t get enough of the stuff, and it has become my latest obsession. Granola King – you’re – um, er, the King.

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