Anthony Bourdain – The Book Signing Podcast


Hey. It’s part two of our three-parter with Anthony Bourdain. 

Earlier this month I got to spend the day with Anthony as part of our Raincoast Books podcast series.  He’s the best selling author of Kitchen Confidential and host of TV’s No Reservations.  He as in Vancouver to promote his new book, The Nasty Bits.

Barbara-Jo is to the left of Anthony

Anthony agreed to wear a wireless mic for the day and I followed along squeezing in questions in between his media visits. He also signed autographs at Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks in Vancouver.  This podcast is an audio glimpse into that hour of signing and talking with fans.

Grab is at

If you havent’ heard part one yet, check it out at the same URL, and make sure you come back next week for part 3.

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