Toxic Free Dandelion Control

I like the look of dandelions but I’m not too fussy about what they do to my lawn.

And since our lawn is a chemical free zone, the dandelions love it.

After seeing a water powered weeding tool at Lee Valley Tools, but choking on the price, I thought I’d try a little something.

power washer

It’s a bit like using a canoe to shovel gravel, but what the heck. I fired up the power washer, and after a little experimentation I found that if I planted the wand (pun intended) right at the heart of the dandelion, then rotated the handle in a circular motion (while keeping the wand tip planted)…

wand placement

I could pretty much float that weed right out of its steely grip !

wet weed

You will have to actually bend over to pull out the weed, but other than that, it’s virtually work free.

The irony of course is that I’m burning gasoline to fuel the power washer, so it’s not exactly environmentally perfect.

Maybe I’ll have to spring the dough for that Lee Valley tool after all…?  No way.

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