Spam Pie

In an on-going quest to find something useful in all that spam, I figured if nothing else, spam provides a lot of data points. A while I go I used those data point to create a spam song.

Listening to people complain about spam prompted this latest project.

I took over 8,000 spam emails I’ve recieved since the beginning of the year. I sorted them into broad categories. The result:

The 1st Annual Spam Pie.

spam pie

As inexact as all get-out, it does give you a pretty good idea of what spammers are pushing.

If you’re wondering about the categories, here’s a rough guide.

Love Drugs: Sexual enhancement pills of all kinds.
Stock-Investments: Hot tips, investment opportunities, increase your revenue.
Dating-Get Laid: And all in my area, handy.
Special Deals:  Everything from coupons to genuine Rolex watches.
Software Offers:  Discount prices on computer stuff, mostly software.
Spoofed Account Info: From online auctions to banks, these fake info requests are everywhere.
Prescription Drugs: Deals from online pharma.
Porn: Um, er….porn.
Personal Improvement: Weight loss, more hair, better hair, hair removal, liposuction and banish those wrinkles.
Credit-Loans: Your house is worth a fortune, or, how to get a house with no money.