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Why I’ll put Windows XP on my MacBook Pro

I’ve never subscribed to the ‘this OS is better than that OS’ battle. For me, a tool is a tool, and some are better for doing some things than others. Deciding to buy a Mac after being life-long Windows PC owner was the result of need; I simply can’t make enhanced podcasts on a PC and I need to be able to see web sites on as many platforms and browsers as possible. No zealotry at play, period. My MacBook Pro lives quite happily with my Windows PC’s, I’m now using both quite happily.

Since Apple has officially sanctioned the ability to load XP on new Intel Macs using BootCamp, people are coming out of the woodwork with bizarre arguments about why this is a horrible idea. Seems like a useless argument.

For me, it’s a total win-win. I’ve got a powerful Mac laptop that I use on the road and at client meetings. When I’m giving a workshop I now can highlight both Windows and Mac software on the same machine. Handy.

Dude. Get to Australia right now

inquote It’s big Sunday. Surf conditions on Sydney’s beaches and along the coast of NSW will today see what promises to be the biggest waves in 30 years. Former world champion surfer Barton Lynch said: “Regardless of how experienced you are, you have got to be on your game and concentrating completely in these sort of conditions. It is no time to be experimenting or learning.”
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Podcast on the auction block

Doug Kaye is looking for a sponsor for the podcast edition of Tech Nation, featuring Dr. Moira Gunn. Much to Doug’s wife’s horror, his blog headline for this new endeavor is Pimping Moira. It’ll be interesting to see how the auction goes, they’re starting with a reserve of 12K USD.