Nikon Battery Recall

Nikon Canada has issued a recall on batteries for some of their high end digital cameras.

nikon recall

Says Nikon’s web site (the emphasis is mine):

It has come to our attention that some Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries EN-EL3 for Nikon digital-SLR cameras may, on rare occasions, overheat causing the battery to become deformed or, in the worse case, to catch fire.

That’ll get your attention.

I have 2 batteries for my camera. As luck (?) would have it, one was subject to recall, leaving me with another to keep me going.

Despite the inconvenience, I’m impressed with the way Nikon replaced my battery. Using the form on their web site, I sent my battery by courier leaving Vancouver on Dec 12th. Yesterday, Dec 19th, a brand new battery showed up on my door via courier.

Makes buying a high end camera with a battery that might ‘catch fire’ almost pleasurable.

So, congrats and Merry Christmas to Department 410 at Nikon in Mississauga.

Not all EN-EL3 batteries are affected, so check their web site for the complete range.

I see now that Nikon has issued a service advisory for a variety of their digital cameras, from the high end D2H to cheaper models. Great, Just what you need for Christmas. Again, check their web site for info.

3 thoughts on “Nikon Battery Recall”

  1. Thanks for sharing your recall experience with me, for now I have an excellent impression of the Nikon support.
    The only problem is that I sent my only battery, so now it’s time to remove the dust of my old FM2.

  2. Robert, this recall notice alone was worth the price of admission to your feed. To think that I have been carelessly putting into jeopardy the life of my family – simply too awful to contemplate.

    Anyways, cheers, happy holidays, and all the best in 2006! Give me a call when next you are in the capital….

  3. I for one am not real happy about the recall. Being a 20+ year user of Nikon equipment, it was my only choice for a DSLR. But having only the one battery that was subject to recall. I have been without my DSLR for 5 days now and have missed some very good photo opts. I could have taken them with my SLR, but I don’t like the fact that I’m not able to use my digital for a week.

    Not what I paid for! When my SLR broke, I was able to drop into Nikon Canada and my camera was fixed in 15 minutes. That is the kind of service I expect when you pay the prices for the cameras.

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