Local car dealership sold

For the last 11 years I’ve been taking my 91 Jeep and all 240,000 kilometers of it to Mountview Jeep for service. They’ve kept the old heap running like a top. They’re a family run business and it shows.

When I called yesterday to make a service appointment they told me they’ve been sold. Not sure what it’s going to mean, but they’ve been bought out by a big dealer, so my guess is the changes won’t be for the better.

Oddly, their web site doesn’t say anything about the changes. One staffer there told me that because no-one knows (yet) if they’re going to have a job or not with the new owners, people have been leaving in droves for other, sure-things. They’ve been told some of them may be kept on, but who and how many won’t be known for a week or so yet.

Time to find a new spot.