New Media BC Podcast launched

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we’re working with New Media BC on their podcast, and today we released Episode 1 of what we hope will be a regular series of podcasts for NMBC.

If you’ve got an interest in how technology, culture and art interact, you’ll want to hear this.

Episode One features interviews with:

Kelly Zmak – the new Chief Operating Officer and Senior VP at Radical Entertainment. He’s a video game vet, and has some intrigueing things to say about where the video game industry is going, and how the ‘culture’ of gaming is changing.

Lynda Brown – the president of New Media BC. She’ll talk about her vision for BC as a world new media hub.

Mark Pesce – engineer, inventor, author, professor. When you’re preparing for an interview, a guy with this kind of background is totally intimidating. But, he’s a blast to talk to, and we cover some interesting ground including thoughts on Web 2.0

You can grab the podcast at iTunes (go to podcasts and search NMBC) or at

(Oh, and as an homage to my former days in rock radio, we did a little teaser as well)

One thought on “New Media BC Podcast launched”

  1. So does it work? We need a GPS that is good in the country in isolated areas, farms etc. Ingrid

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