Short Shots

• These guys drive me crazy. Now the RIAA is complaining (again) about blank CD’s and how burning CD’s is one of the reasons record sales suck. We’re already paying a levy on blank media, so I’m not sure why they’re on this again. I’m thinking maybe they’re missing something – maybe record sales wouldn’t suck so bad if the records they were making didn’t suck so bad.

• Living next to the US tends to give us Canadians a bit of an inferiority complex. But when it comes to high speed connectivity, we’re miles ahead of our pals in America. In fact, Canada has the highest high speed connectivity of any country in the G7. However, when it comes to cell and other mobile services, both our countries suck. Great article Op Ed piece in the NY times on this very topic.

• People are going to think I’m picking on the CBC, but really, I’m not. After all, I worked there for over 20 years; I just can’t help it. The headline reads “Man Dies After Marathon Video Game Session”. I was surprised to see a headline reading “Man Dies After Marathon Video Game Session” on the front page, up there with real big stories. More surprise when I clicked through, and discovered this banner ad right next to the story.

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