Desk Clutter

It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so today’s a chance to catch up on a few things. Happy BC Day!

Since it’s a holiday, I’m clearing the top off the desk. One item that I’m using as a paper weight is my old EDITall block. Back in the day, this was THE tool for audio editors, basically holding the audio tape in place while you sliced through it with a razor blade, lifted out the bit you wanted to get rid of, then literally taped it back together. I used to spend hours and hours cutting tape every week in my job as a producer, and most people who pick up the EDITall block have no idea what it’s for.


Also on my desk is this flask from Alias software, picked up while at VidFest in Vancouver. The Alias gang got mobbed when they handed these out, but they let me have two, one for each of my grade school aged kids. I’m not sure what their teachers thought when they showed up at school sporting these nifty flasksÂ…

Since it’s a holiday, I’m cleaning out piles of files. My satellite radio file has been quiet of late. Very quiet since the CRTC awarded licenses to Sirius and XM. CHUM’s also been given the green light for its terrestrial pay audio network over DAB. Maybe just summer holidays ? There are a number of appeals in the works by groups representing artists in Canada who think the Canadian content impositions are too low. Stay tuned for lots of hype when they roll these out, looking to convince Canadians to pay for broadcast.


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