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Big Canadian Telecoms Just Don't Get It


An open letter to Shaw, Rogers and Telus

Dear Large Telecoms.

I’m very happy that you’re competing with each other for services like land lines, cell phones and television services. This is good for consumers like me.

However, a word of advice.

If you really want to convince me that your services are so much better and cheaper than your competitors, why are you unable to either fax, email or snail mail me a proposal outlining the package of services you are offering and the costs.

You’ve all called me in the last week. Telus, you’ve called me 3 times in 2 weeks.

You are very excited on the phone about the fabulous offers you can provide to lower my monthly bill. You all tell me how marvelous your services are and how responsive your customer service people are.

When you’ve called (uninvited I should point out) I’ve told you all that I’m more than willing to switch from my current providers, particularly if I can get a better deal and one-stop shopping.

Yet, none of you has the ability to send me a simple piece of information outlining what you are offering. I just need something plain and simple – you know – a list? You don’t need to even get it designed or tarted up in any way. Just a simple list of your services and the costs so I can compare one to other.

This is what I do with almost all the services I purchase for my small business. Every vendor I work with is happy to send me a quote for services by fax or email. I don’t think it’s too much to ask – you called me remember?

When I’ve asked you for this, you’ve told me you don’t have that capability. No really, this is what you’ve told me – you apparently don’t have the capability of sending me a fax, email or surface mail letter.

May I remind you that you are a large telecom, providing complex network services on a national scale? And you can’t send an email? Its funny you know, but even the smallest business these days has email or fax. It seems to be very popular. All the kids are doing it.

Oh wait, this is what you actually DO.

I must admit, this inability does make me question how good your follow up services really are.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to switch to another provider. I’m what you call a ripe sales lead.

Here’s why.

The service I get now is pretty crappy. I don’t like talking to a voice recognition computer when I’d like to speak to a customer service rep. And the last time I had trouble with my landline, it took you 10 days to send someone out to fix it. What is this, 1932 ?

So, I’m not exactly thrilled with the services I have now. Should I repeat? I’d be happy to switch.


You may be excited about your new services, but you’re behaving the same old way you always have.

And that just doesn’t cut it anymore.