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Vancouver Theatre Company Cranks New York City

20090120_gt_nytIt’s always great to see talented people get recognized. The New York Times gave a lot of space to Vancouver’s Green Thumb Theatre and their production of Cranked.

It’s also great to see my old pal, artistic director Patrick McDonald and his team, getting the attention they deserve in New York.

Patrick was the best man at my wedding, we’re both 5′ 11″, and he’s almost as old as I am.

Unlike me, he does manage to keep a job.

This year he’s celebrating 20 years as artistic director with Green Thumb.

He’s always had a great eye for a script, and under his direction, they turn into exciting and mesmerizing theatre.

Just getting noticed in New York is a big deal, and the NYT gave the show quite a lot of coverage in this (non review) review…

With Kyle Cameron as its focal figure, and Jason Pouliot as its D.J. and sound technician, “Cranked” is an engrossing, cautionary tale by Michael P. Northey. Directed by Patrick McDonald, it is produced by a theater company that explores issues relevant to the young and is mounted here by New Vic at the Duke, the New Victory Theater program for teenagers that parallels Green Thumb’s aims.

full story here

Cranked actor Kyle Cameron is blogging about his time in New York, though the by-line on the blog says “Green Thumb”. Kyle’s been doing Cranked for a while before getting to New York, but his excitement is infectious…

I love this city. There’s so much to see and do. Since we’ve been here, I’ve eaten at two or three different (usually fantastic) restaurants every day, seen numerous beautiful and interesting neighbourhoods, and done my best to overdose on great theatre

read more here

The NewVic Theatre, where Cranked is playing until the 25th, posted a YouTube ‘trailer’ for the play. I don’t know why there’s a odd music bed over the footage and no audio – maybe they couldn’t get the rights to use excerpts ?

Better to use this one, put up by Green Thumb.

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