Snow For Days at North Shore Mountains

It was snowing heavily when we got to Cypress Mountain this morning.

EB has decided to join the rest of the family and has cast caution to the wind and decided to take a snowboard lesson.


So we hit the mountain shortly before 9am – she went off with Hamish the instructor (trust EB to find a Scot in the midst of all those Ausies, Kiwis and South Africans working on the mountain) and we hit the bunny hill so we could stay close and offer moral support.

Down low the snow was thick and heavy – and there was absolutely no-one there – just us making tracks and hooting and hollering when we went by EB learning how to side slip.

She seems to have liked it and looks like we might be adding a fourth to our seasons pass holders.

Incredible conditions – if you haven’t been up – you’re missing an incredible amount of snow . Given that its spring break, I was surprised there were so few people there today.


eb on her last trip down the bunny hill with Hamish encouraging her along. By 10:30 there were actually people on the lift (a class I think) !