Sixty Three Days

20090127_madsu_63But who’s counting.

My little sailboat Madsu will be back in the water in 63 days.

I was in Horseshoe Bay on other business today and took a walk down the dock. It’s a very different feel this time of year, the docks deserted and today, wet from a light snow fall.

Yet as soon as I walked down the ramp, I immediately felt that thing I feel every time I go down to the boat. Its impossible to describe – a connection of some kind that can’t really be articulated.

In sixty three days I won’t need to try to articulate it – I can simply go – and be.


Australians Explain Everything: Financial Crisis

I’ve been to Australia twice, and would return in a snap given the opportunity.

With apologies to my pals in Melbourne (like Tony Walker who is taller than your average Ausie), Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world.

But what it really come down to is people.

Frankly put: Australians have a way of cutting through the bullshit and putting even the most complex issue into perspective.

Case in point.

The current financial crisis.

Be confused no more.