North Vancouver Trashes History – part 2


Yesterday I had a bit of a rant about the City of North Vancouver’s shortsighted move to remove the heritage designation from a number of shipyard building near Lonsdale Quay.

Now that I’ve slept on it, I’m even more pissed.

In fact, here’s another compelling argument for hanging on to the last our of shipbuilding history:

The Burrard Shipyard site which anchors the Waterfront has already been recognized at the local and national level as a heritage landmark. With the restoration of the Burrard Dry Dock Pier and St. Roch Dock, the City’s Waterfront is being rediscovered by residents and attracts both local and international visitors.

The Waterfront Project aims to connect the local community by creating a sense of place and pride that also celebrates the City’s past, present and future. One consideration for the area includes a Historic Centre, which may become a National Maritime Museum that chronicles the history of North Vancouver and pays tribute to the West Coast’s maritime origins….

The City is committed to preserving and revitalizing its waterfront heritage and rich maritime history.

Who said that ?

The City of North Vancouver on their web site and in numerous other publications.

I’d encourage you to let the City of North Vancouver know how you feel.

You can reach them at Tel: 604-985-7761 Fax: 604-985-9417 Email: