Sorry I Broke the CBC !

While I was looking around for info on the Chalmers “retirement” on InsideTheCBC the official blog of the CBC (they had no information on it) I think I broke something.

Sorry, just my usual bull-in-a-china-shop-self I guess (click the thumbnail for an image you can actually read).


I really like the “fix this problem yourself” bit.

I guess it’s supposed to be a Web 2.0 thing, you know, empower the user.

But it reads more like “hey asshole, you broke it, you fix it”.

Wait now.

The more I think of it, maybe they should migrate this over to the main CBC.CA site for people to use when they write-in about shows they don’t like.

You know, something quick, simple and easy:

To fix this program yourself, please selection from the following options:

Get Better Host
Get Better Music
Get Connected to RealityClick here to save your changes.

2 thoughts on “Sorry I Broke the CBC !”

  1. Robert, this is a little unfair, don’t you think?

    Since you run WordPress yourself, you know very well that the message you saw there not written by myself or the CBC. They are hard-coded into WordPress, the blog/CMS package I use for

    Errors on web servers happen when the server is under heavy traffic.

    But to imply that the CBC or I wrote this text is misleading.


  2. Hey Tod,

    Wasn’t slagging you for writing it – in any event – I don’t think its WordPress – must be something with your service provider.

    I thought the whole thing was quite funny actually – and wonder what happens when you actually do try to ‘fix this problem yourself”.

    (btw: I added the check box thingee AFTER Tod’s comments)

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