Get Taunted With Your CBC Tax Dollars

This really has to be the last post from me about the CBC today.


Isn’t it a bit weird that if you write to CBC “Audience Relations” to ask a question or complain about something, or I don’t know, audience relate, there’s a good chance your comments will be made public and ridiculed by all ?

Regardless of whether it’s a Crown Corporation or not – this is just bad business, bad customer relations, and what the heck…MEAN SPIRITED.

Gives you a REAL good indication of what they think of their audience.

Shame on you and again and again.


One thought on “Get Taunted With Your CBC Tax Dollars”

  1. Hi Robert,

    As the blogger-in-question, I thought I should respond. 🙂 As you noted, this was the third in a series of quotes from the weekly audience relations reports at CBC. In both previous posts, there was little if any negative reaction. However this one seemed to get a few people expressing their displeasure with it. So it’ll be the last one.


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