Big Bamboo

The fastest-growing species of bamboo can gain a meter in a single day – almost enough to see the growth with the naked eye. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide live in some sort of bamboo structure, including 75 percent of the population of Bangladesh. from Christian Science Monitor)

Bamboo Technology is named for the unlikely devices that the Professor came up with on Gilligans Island. In general they are not necessarily made of bamboo — the ones on The Flintstones were often made out of wood, stone and dinosaurs. What characterizes all of them is the self-evident unlikelihood that they actually work. Most likely to be seen in the more farcical Sit Com(s). from the TV Tropes Wiki

Looks like the Professor is having the last laugh after all.

bamboo big screen

Yep, that’s a flat screen TV made out of bamboo. Featured at Playengine UK it reminds me of some of the furniture my dad used to make when I was a kid, except dad never laid a bandsaw to bamboo…

The components on the cover, except for the buttons, are made entirely of bamboo. The electronic components are lead free and comply with CE and EU safety approvals.

The unique bamboo colour offers natural beauty and style which provides many advantages for consumers. It is one of a kind, ideal for homes, offices and of course an alternative to plastic surround.

Just as I was mulling whether this is some sort of goofy eco-trendy anomaly I discovered a C-Net preview of a new bamboo covered laptop from Asus…

asus bamboo laptop at cnet

Asus is definately playing the eco-card on this one, the laptop is called the Ecobook, but won’t be out until next year sometime.

Not satisfied to leave well enough alone, I stumbled upon, home of the unfortunately named Panty Boo…

panty boo

Oddly, the Panty Boos are not to be found on the Canadian site Bamboo Clothes Canada .

Anyway, the thought of a bamboo thong sent me off in another direction, and I ended up a Treehugger where I discovered a whole world of bioplastics using bamboo and other vegetable oils to make eco friendly plastics…

In efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependence and CO2 emissions, Mitsubishi Motors has announced the development of plastics for car interiors made from plant-based resin and bamboo fiber. The automaker hopes that the use of bioplastics can help replace processed wood and oil-based materials in car interiors.

Not green enough for you ? Check out this bamboo bike

bamboo bike

I’d love to see Dangerous Dan take this for a spin on the North Shore. If he did, he’d no doubt need this nifty bamboo helmet from Roof in the UK.

roof bamboo helmet

Now you may think I’ve become a bit bamboo obsessed. Well, maybe for just a minute. But I’ve got nothing on this guy, Australia’s Mr. Bamboo.

mr. bamboo