Talk Radio To Die For

Now this is the kind of talk radio that’s missing over here.

I mean, the US may have invented talk radio as we know it, and it certainly has its share of loudmouths, but this is an awesome example of how the Australians do radio on a whole other level.

Get all the messy details, and pics too, at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Melbourne’s underworld war was reignited on talkback radio today as gangland widow Judy Moran’s comments prompted a furious backlash from killer Carl Williams’s wife Roberta.

Mrs Moran told Southern Cross Broadcasting she wanted the death penalty for Williams, who pleaded guilty yesterday to killing her husband, Lewis, and her son, Jason….

Mrs Moran’s comments, especially her description of Barbaro who was killed alongside Jason Moran, appeared to infuriate Mrs Williams.

Mrs Williams, who is divorcing Williams at his request, rang in to the same radio station to contradict Mrs Moran’s description of Barbaro.