Stressed Again Podcast for Capers

roundhouse community centre

Just posted the latest podcast for Capers Community Markets. It was quite challenging to record, and I opted for a shotgun mic on a stick (film style) so I could work the room.

The event was The Capers Community Café, an innovative way of approaching a discussion about health. Its free to attend, and Capers brings in its group of health professionals called the Capers Integrated Health Network. They span a variety of disciplines, and having five or six of them in the room together is a real bonus.

But it gets better. Instead of using a top-down approach, or a panel discussion, Capers uses the community café scenario to engage everyone in a conversation.

What it means is that the whole room gets into small pockets of conversation on a variety of topics related to the subject at hand. In this case, the subject was stress.

The process was really intrigueing to watch – and super hard to document – but I think it worked out ok.

You can grab the podcast here, or from the Caper’s RSS feed.

Recorded on location at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver.

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  1. The people at Capers are terrific. I was out in Vancouver on a book tour last year and the fellow at the Kitsilano location let me do a live TV interview from his store, just as a favor to my book publicist. I think the store manager’s name was Aaron. (I’m relying on my memory so I hope I’m not messing up his name.) Anyway, everything in the store was totally to die for (you don’t get produce like that in my hometown back east) and the coffee and muffin I had from the bakeshop was heavenly.

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