Exponentia's Play Action Gets Called Up

Shortly after I left CBC to work with Emma and At Large Media, one of the first companies we partnered with on a project was Exponentia. (The project was a mobile youth voting initiative that shook-up the last BC provincial election)

In our many visits at their offices, Jim and Andrew would show me the work they were doing on their PlayAction game. PlayAction brings interactivity to live sports events in a really unique and innovative way.

Years of hard work and fine tuning has paid off. This week Exponentia and the National Hockey League announced a league-wide deal:

Exponentia and the National Hockey League (NHL) today announced the signing of a multi-year rights deal to provide live mobile interactivity for fans of NHL action across North America.

Exponentia’s mobile game PlayAction enables NHL fans to make live predictions via their mobile phone from wherever they are; whether at home; at the sports bar; or at the game. Players challenge their friends, create their own leagues and compete for team jerseys and other great prizes.

To play, fans simply text the name of the team they support to the short code 24365 on their phones. Players receive trivia or multiple choice questions about game outcomes via text messaging as the game progresses. Live results and leader boards are available on the phone and on-line at www.playaction.tv

I’m super proud of these guys – they’ve worked so hard on this project and had the vision and spirit to take it from an idea on their white board to The Majors. Well done.

Now if I could just figure out a way to unseat EXYU from the leaderboard, I’d really be happy.

A Small Personal ITYS:
To the folks at an un-named national broadcast new media department on Front Street in T.O. who took a pass on PlayAction…I told you so.

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  1. Great entry Robert…we’re blushing! It’s kinda funny that we’ve been evangelizing PlayAction in its myriad forms and functionality for 6 years, and it’s now front page news.

    Patience and dumb determination have certainly been virtues in our case…patience and associating with great people like RO and EP. 🙂

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