Bugs Safe from CBC Reality

Can you match the headline to the news organization. Same day, Same story:

“CBC wants mandate review every 10 years”
“No sex please, we’re the CBC”
“Heritage committee grills CBC bosses on reality TV, hockey”


The National Post
The Globe and Mail.

Answer – see bottom of this post

It’s always difficult when media outlets have to do news stories about themselves.

That said, it’s got to hurt when you’re the President and CEO and acting Chairman of the Board, and your own news organization decides that this should be the lead quote in an item about you:

Rabinovitch said that he had been ambiguous last year and stressed that the network would not do “shows that stress plastic surgery, sex and humiliation [and the] eating of insects.”

(full story here) CBC.Ca went on to quote their president on low supper hour news ratings. Nice. If it was me, I’d be some pissed. But that’s just me.

The CBC.Ca story appears to be largely a rewrite of the piece that ran on CanWest news services (i.e. the National Post) as it probably ran on the wires.

The Globe meanwhile covered the same story without mention of the dreaded ‘bug eating’.

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