Mac Battery Recall – Double Hit

As a recent Mac switcher I’ve come to realize that all the hype around the heavenly Mac is just that. Hype.

For instance, my days of cooking eggs of my charging MacBook Pro may be coming to an end.

I’m not saying the thing runs hot, I’m saying it runs HOT BABY.

Which may explain why both my batteries are on a recall list, apparently because, according to Apple, “they do not meet our high standards for battery performance.”

Which begs the question – just what is the high standard my batteries are not meeting ?

For instance, I’m pretty sure that if they ran just a few degrees hotter, I could use the back of my Mac to do some quick solder jobs around the house. That certainly would be a high standard of handy.

I’ll just have to wait for my new high standard batteries to find out what all the hype is really about, ’cause Apple certainly isn’t saying. So much for transparency.

If you own one of these, you might want to visit the Apple recall page.

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