Wild Parties in Museums

There’s an joke you can adapt to fit just about any profession, but for some reason it works perfectly for jobs in radio.

It goes like this.

A guy runs into another guy at a party.

They do the usual introductions and chit-chat.

After about 10 minutes guy #1 says, “Hey, did you hear the one about the radio announcer at the pool party?”.

Guy #2 says, “hey, watch it, I am a radio announcer”.

Guy #1 says, “ok, I’ll go slow then”.

I was reminded of this gem after reading Scientific American’s story about a promotional event at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Not quite the WKRP Turkeys from a Helicopter bit, but equally stupid; a Martini party…

inquote When the event is dubbed MartiniĀ­fest–unlimited martinis for $30–the idea becomes even more questionable. Next, add a suspicious martini recipe, which included vodka and “drink mix”… the event was run by Clear Channel, the radio / billboard / concert-promoter giant, also working outside its area of expertise in an art museum. Finally, cram about 1,900 people into a space meant for about 1,400.. people threw up, passed out, were injured, got into altercations and climbed onto sculptures outquote

SA’s analysis of the dangers posed to artwork from the chemicals spewed by Martini and appy filled party-goers is sadly hilarious.

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