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Just when I thought I had kicked my Google Earth habit, out comes Atlas.

atlas interface 

They’ve got a way cool interface and the ‘birds’ eye view’ feature is totally addictive interesting.

 atlas bird's eye view
Hopefully they’ll get more aerial detail of Canada up soon, but in the meantime, get a bird’s eye view of your favourite spots in the good ole USA.  Atlas.


You’ll need some music to go with your new Atlas addiction.  Check out Hype Machine, an audio blog aggregator that makes finding music super convenient.  These new services are starting to really make a difference in both finding new content and ease of use.

Plus Que Ça Change…

If sitting around watching tv makes you a couch potato, what does sitting around watching tv on the computer make you? Apparently, it makes you an animated potato…

inquote Time Warner Inc.’s AOL and Warner Bros. units are running their first campaign to promote In2TV, a broadband television network offering free on-demand TV shows over the Internet.An animated potato is the main creative hero. The point is simple: The regular “couch potato” watches TV from the sofa, while this animated potato sees In2TV through a wireless notebook computer…      

Read more and see a pic of the spud at dmnews


Shop Until You Drop

If you’ve got a taste for online shopping and just can’t get enough, here’s something for you.
The Scripp’s “Shop at Home Network” is selling its cable and online shopping network.

inquote …internet side of the business was growing, but not the cable side; the unit had e-commerce revenue of $57.1 million in 2005, up 30 percent from Internet Retailer-estimated sales of $44 million in 2004.         

Read the full story at Internet Retailer



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