Sexy and Fast Electric Car

While camping out with Cubs and Scouts at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast this weekend, some of us adults got engaged in a discussion about gas prices and our own personal choices about dealing with our gas guzzlers.

We didn’t come up with any brilliant solutions, other than (almost) universal agreement that what we’re doing now, driving internal combustion vehicles, has got to change to something better. The discussion centred around what.  We certainly didn’t come up with any insights.

Home now and back online, one of the first things I came across (thanks to Engadget) was this baby from Wrightspeed.

write speed

It’s an all-electric car that will blow the doors off anything on the road.  No hyperbole here – this thing will do zero to 60 in under 3 seconds. It covers a standing quarter mile in 11.5 seconds. If you know nothing about cars, all you need to know is this:  that is faster than just about any car made anywhere in the world.  All the speed comes with no noise & no shifting gears. Wrightspeed X-1 is good for 120 miles before it needs a recharge.

The point is, alternative vehicles don’t have to be boring. 

I can’t think of anything better for cruising the streets of the Lower Mainland. Well, ok, it might be a bit of a challenge bringing home that big bag of groceries from Capers, but I’ll be home FAST.

There are more great picsture of the Wrightspeed car at Flickr