CBC goes ! crazy

Wow! Someone at CBC is very excited !

Super excited !

We should be too !

They’ve discovered podcasting !

inquote Welcome to CBC Radio’s podcasts!   

Discover programming that tickles your curiosity, feeds your brain and sparks your emotions!

…we’ll make sure to keep you updated!

Please let us know!

Welcome to podcasting!

…transfer it onto your MP3 player to listen to it on the move!

…as easy as listening to your radio — but with so many more advantages!

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection!

…and we’ll make sure to let you know what our latest offerings are!

This is a different medium!

see cbc.ca for even more


I’m no Strunk and White but you have to figure that’s just a bit too much enthusiasm for any public broadcaster.

Then again, if an exclamation is “an exclamatory rhetorical device” it may just fit.


It may just fit !

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