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My closet harbours the occasional flashback. 

After speaking with writer James Glave the other day, I dug into my closet to pull out this black, circa 1995 T-Shirt.

I doubt many of you remember the this logo.

It was an early version used by, when Wired  (the magazine) first launched its online version.

James was one of those guys who saw the potential of the web and who launched Vancouver Magazine’s web site, as far as I know, the first print publication in Canada to go online.

James then headed out to San Francisco to write for HotWired as their senior technology writer.

hot wired, sleeve

The t-shirt sleeve had yet another logo rendition, using the circles and the name.       

To give you an idea of how new online was at the time, URLs were always give in their complete form, including that all important /

Print was on thing, but we were having to give the URLs out on the air, and I can remember on-air people like Leora Kornfeld and Garnet Harry having to slowly say:

“aych-tee-tee-pee colon forward slash forward slash…double-you double-you double-you dot cee bee cee stereo dot com forward slash realtime forward slash”


hotwired url


I scored the T-Shirt when Hotwired did a feature story on the RealTime web site that we had launched for CBC in 1994.

James by the way, later went on to Outside Magazine and now is back in Canada.  Yay.

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