Content Generation Machines

Bloggers generate a tremendous amount of content every day. There’s a new blog post written every second.

At the recent Northern Voice conference in Vancouver, a number of us commented on how much ‘media’ gathering was going on – by the participants. Along with the ubiquitous clickety-clack of fingers on laptop keys, there were cameras and audio recording going on at every turn.

For a measure of how much media we’re talking about, just check this out. As of this morning, there are 2587 photos at Flickr tagged Northern Voice.

Let’s assume that number includes all the pictures taken at last year’s event. Let’s also assume that no-one ever sleeps while at Northern Voice (a fair assumption from what I could tell).

That’s 96 hours of conference time. That’s 26.94 pictures every hour. That’s one picture every 2 minutes.

Now that’s media coverage !

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