Spam Generated Content

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Today I decided to do something productive with all that spam. I’ve got at least 4-thousand emails filtered away, the spoils of the last couple of months of spam.

I’ve opted for a fresh new approach.

It’s a variation on Re-use/ReCycle.

No sense filling the trash bin with all that content, as useless as it may be.

So, I decided to create a new musical genre.

I call it SGC. Spam Generated Content.

Here’s what you do.

Take the subject line, plug it into a text-to-speech synthesizer, then lay down some tracks.


I admit, it’s not exactly the wall-O-sound…but I’ve got enough raw material here for years, and there’s more showing up every day.

Here it is, my Christmas present to the Internet. Oh, and if any of you spammers want to share the royalties on this sure winner, just let us know who you are…

The Spam Song – Runs 2.30 (bigsnit – mapl)
In glorious < < < S T E R E O > >>
click to get the mp3 file

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