New Music Site from Vancouver.

Project Opus launches
This has got a lot of promise. A new music site slid onto the scene in the last couple of days. Project Opus looks like it’s going to be hot.

project opus web site

It’s early days yet and they’re working out a few small bugs. Why do you suppose the best music sites come out of Vancouver ?

Would you like a book of those ?
I can see all my Christmas spending going to one place. Qoop‘s got a short but sweet hook – Digital to Print, all from your browser.

qoop web site If you’re using Flickr for your photos (who isn’t ?) with a few quick clicks you’ve got a printed book on the way. Do you think they’ll gift wrap ?

My Dose of International News
It’s a bit addictive. offers up a few hundred sites from a dozen or so countries. Nothing really new there, but the site works well and even though the odd stream doesn’t show, who cares – there’s tons to select from.

wi fi tv logo

I’m still not watching TV if I’m watching on the Internet, right ?

One thought on “New Music Site from Vancouver.”

  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and thank you also for the great review. The biggest problem we are facing now is finalizing the upload process to make it super simple for artists to be able to get their digital content up!

    And as far as your question goes “Why do you suppose the best music sites come out of Vancouver ?”. I truly believe Vancouver is very innovative in general. We are the most paradoxical people. So laid back, but so motivated. We like to have tonnes of fun, but the night light sucks compared to other cities.

    But I suppose as part of the pacific rim, we struggle to find a balance between so many cultures so we just end up confused.


    I digress.

    Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come by again — there are lots of new features being added everyday.

    Jordan @

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