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KK at the podCast hotel.
Kris Krug, one of Vancouver’s web 2.0 advocates has an excellent report on the podCast Hotel in Portland. I’m ticked I couldn’t be there, but look for more of these kinds of events to pop up. If you’ve got one planned, let me know.

Now That’s What I Call a Mobile Community.
Vancouver’s AirG has been quietly making it big in mobile communities. They just hit the 5 million mark – that’s some community. Wait a minute ! That’s some audience.

Nokia Eating Blackberries for Lunch?
Well, it’s worth a try I guess. Nokia wants to put corporate email on every cell phone. Take your pick of reports:
Reuters, InfoWorld, or Yahoo.

Global Turtle Positioning System?
Turtles in the deep sea. Where do they go ? Story Here. Turtle’s location here.

Just a quick note on the heading here. In the news business, a ‘kicker’ is one of those cute, funny stories at the end of the newscast. You know, when the TV anchor, or radio reader, changes his/her voice to all soft and cuddly, with a barely perceptible smile and says…” and finally tonite…” That’s a kicker. Here’s mine:

…And Finally (smile) the food inspection folks at HK Disneyland are scaring the customers. It’s something about those masks they’re wearing. Now I ask you – this is more scary than a person in a giant fluffy cartoon animal outfit ?

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